What are the implications for UM teaching staff?

Do not talk to students about EleUM anymore!

Refer students to the Course Details, Tutorial or Practical via the My Courses page of the Student Portal. New students will not know what EleUM is. EleUM has transformed from a portal system to a source system for the students by the Student Portal. read more

Can I see what students see?

The students have the same view of the content you put in EleUM that teachers have, except the navigation from EleUM is replaced with Student Portal navigation. read more

Use assignments and give them due dates!

If your assignments don't have due dates, students will not see them in their deadlines list in the Student Portal. read more

Do not talk to students about EleUM anymore!

New students will not know what EleUM is anymore.

EleUM transformed from a portal system to a source system for the Student Portal. If the portal is working properly students will see EleUM as an inseparable part of the Student Portal and not as a separate system with a separate name. 

When you refer to information about the course direct the students to the Course Details of the "My Courses" section of the Student Portal. If you use the term EleUM, students will not know where to find your course information. Information about Tutorial and Practical can be accessed in a similar way.

Teaching staff will still be working in EleUM.

EleUM is still the system where teachers post their course information, announcements, assignments and other information needed to complete their courses.

Can I see what students see?

The Student Portal view of EleUM is basically the same as the teachers view.

EleUM is embedded in the Student Portal in a way that students and teachers see the same information in the same way (except for course management items). The only difference is that the EleUM menu on the top of the screen is replaced with the Student Portal menu for students.

 Due to the importance of privacy and security you cannot see how the students see your information. We do have screenshots and videos of the Student Portal so you can see the student view.

How do students access the Course Details, Tutorial or Practical pages?

Students will access the Course Details, Tutorial or Practical pages through the My Courses page on the Student Portal. On this page they see a list of all their current, failed and completed courses. By clicking on a course, a submenu is displayed with links to the related Course Details and Tutorial or Practical (if available) which gives access to the selected course information in EleUM directly.

What will students see on the pages with EleUM data?

The actual content of courses is not changed for students as a result of the Student Portal. The way they access their course information is different. Further the look and feel of the pages with EleUM data has been altered to have the same view as in on the other pages of the Student Portal.

Students will have separate links on the My Courses page for course details and (if available) for the tutorial or practical groups. In this way they have all relevant information for a course on the same page.

For staff members the tutorial groups will remain accessible via the My Organizations module or the My Organisations tab in EleUM.

Give your assignments due dates!

Otherwise students will not see them in their deadlines list.

Students see the assignment dates in a priority view: "deadlines & exams" on their "My Timetable" page. This list shows the priority of deadlines based on time until deadline. If your assignment has no due date, it will not show correctly in this priority list and will just read "no date specified". And if there are a lot of deadlines, your assignment will be al the bottom of the list.

You can assign deadlines in EleUM. If you have any questions about the assignments and deadlines function in EleUM, please contact your faculty EleUM coordinator.

Course enrollments

Student Portal gives an overview of all courses for students; this overview is generated from SAP-data. As a consequence you are strongly advised not to add a student to a course manually; the student will not see this course when he has no booking for this course in SAP.

Adding a student manually to an organisation is still possible since there is a link to the My Organisations overview in EleUM.


Student Portal provides an overview of all announcements for students. Announcements in EleUM without an end date keep appearing on this list so please remember to set an end date for your announcements. Course Links and pictures in an announcement will not be visible in the list of announcements in Student Portal. In the course they function as usual.


If you have any questions about the changes for teaching staff members, send them to
ub-eleum-ers@maastrichtuniversity.nl or go to the contact page.