(De)Register a course

To (de)register a course a SAP module will be opened. Here you can (de)register a course for your program of study.

Or you can watch an instruction video on course registration

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My courses

To open the SAP module to (de)register a course

  • Click on My courses in the Student Portal menu on the left side of your screen
  • Click on Add/remove a course below your program of study

(De)Register a course

  • Click on (De)register a course in the popup that appears

Select program of study and period

  • Select the Program of Study and Academic Period for which you want to add/remove a course and click "Continue".
  • You need to select the approriate period for the course you want to register for. Selecting the 'year' period for the current academic year does not give you all modules for the entire year. So select 'period 1', 'period 2' etc.
  • Instructions can be shown by clicking on the green Show instructions button

Registration cart

  • Click on the tab 'Registration cart' to open the list of courses you can register for in the selected period.

Select the courses

  •  Select the course you want to add by clicking the square in front. To select multiple courses at the same time, use the Ctrl key.
  • You can click on the "Check" button to see if you are allowed to book this course.
  • To add the selected course open the dropdown menu "Register" and click on "Register Selected".
  • A pop-up will appear. For failed courses there may be the option to register the course exam only, in these cases you need to select dropdown menu Reason "Takes exam only".
  • Confirm your registration and click on "Register!" to finalize the registration.