Add or change a specialisation, major or minor

You can add or change your specialisation, major or minor by using the link below your programme of study.


  • The additional instructions can be shown/hidden with the button in the top-right of the popup screen.
  • Previous requests are shown in the first step of the application.

  • Select the programme of study for which you want to add or change the specialisation, major or minor.

  • Click the 'Add' button to choose the specialisation, major or minor you want to request.
  • Or select your current specialisation, major, minor and click the 'Replace' button.
  • Select your choice in the popup.

  • On overview of your request is shown for review.
  • Click 'Submit' to confirm your selection or change.

  • A conformation of your request is shown.
  • You can close the popup screen with the orange x in the top-right.