My Courses

On the My Courses page you can find all your courses, see your results, register and deregister exams and access your course materials.

Courses overview

  • List of current, failed and completed courses
  • Click course name to access course details
  • Course status updates alert bar (course changed from section current to completed/failed)

Possible actions

  • Add/remove a course
  • Add/change specialisation
  • Show results
  • More actions (register exams)

Add/remove a course

  • Clicking this button opens a selection screen to open the SAP module where the student can execute the wanted action
  • Possibility to consult an instruction on how to execute the action in SAP

detailed instruction >

Add or change a specialisation, major or minor

  • Click the link 'Add specialisation' below your programme of study to request a specialisation, major or minor.
  • Click the lang 'Change' next to your specialisation, major or minor to request a change.
  • A popup with a request application opens, that will guide through the necessary steps.
  • Additional instructions can be shown/hidden with the button in the top-right corner of the popup.

detailed instructions >

Access results

  • Click 'Show results' to reveal your results.
  • The GPA (if available) and your total number of credits will be shown at the top of the page.


View results

  • Click 'Show results' to reveal your results
  • Click a course result for details
  • You can find the grades published via the course page by using the 'Results course details' link on the top of the pop-up.


Results course details

The results from the course details will be opened in a new tab

  • This shows the grades published via the course details.
  • You can return to the official results by closing the tab or switching back to the student portal tab

Register exams

  • Click 'Show actions' to reveal all possible exam (de)registration actions. Actions are shown for the courses for which a registration window is open.
    • Empty checkbox = exam not registered.
    • Filled checkbox = exam is registered
    • i = information about booking windows

(De)register exams

  • Click green icon behind course to change the exam registration:
    • register
    • deregister

(De)registration confirmation

After you click the "register" button, you get a confirmation on the screen.

Reregister course

  • Click green icon behind course to reregister a failed course.
  • Use instructions to reregister course
  • Greyed-out clock icon indicates that you already have a more recent booking for the course

Show all periods

  • View registered courses for upcoming academic period(s)