My Timetable

Here you can see your academic calendar and your deadlines.

My Timetable

  • Academic program, including:
    • Activities
    • Exam dates
    • Assignment deadlines
    • Deadlines and warnings
  • Access to course details
  • See who’s in this meeting (person icon)

Date picker

  • Use date picker to jump to specific date


  • You see your academic calendar and deadlines in a day, week or month view
  • You have an option to synchronise these events to your own calendar
  • You can jump to a specific date with the date picker function

Deadlines & exams

  • This tab filters out all your deadlines from your timetable so you have them all in one nice overview. The deadlines are color-coded to indicate their urgency

Year overview

  • Here you can find the academic calendars and/or frame schedules per faculty or learning unit