On the homepage of the Student Portal you have access to: your daily calendar, announcements, deadlines & exams and navigation.

Daily calendar

  • Academic program for today
  • Next/previous day
  • Link to course details (book icon)
  • See who is participating in this event (person icon)
  • Link to full calendar


  • Read course, organisation and general announcements
  • Last 7 days highlighted
  • Older announcements remain accessible
  • Remark: announcements are also shown in the course details per course in Canvas

Deadlines & exams

  • Most urgent deadlines (upcoming week) and exams are shown on homepage
  • Link to course details (book icon)
  • Link to courses overview (pen icon)
  • Link to all deadlines and exams


  • Menu can be collapsed or expanded with the arrows to create more or less screen space

Portal messages

  • Different types of messages can be published for a given period of time:
    Alert messages (yellow background) and Information messages (blue background).
  • When you log in on the Student Portal new messages are shown by default in a pop-up screen.

Portal messages (2)

  • Once you close the messages pop-up screen you can reopen the pop-up by clicking the notifications icon at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the wanted message from the list.
  • A Welcome message will only be shown at your first logon session. Once a Welcome message has been clicked away by you it is not available anymore.
  • When there are no messages the notifications icon is not visible.