March 2018


A section called ‘Staff picks’ has become available on the My Links page. Here SSC will, in consultation with the Student Project Team, place links in the spotlight that are considered to require particular attention.

The new section is only visible in case at least one link is published.


February 2018


Students often remarked that it takes quite some clicks to get deep into their Course materials or the Grade Center. We responded to this demand by copying the Current Courses, that can be found on the My Courses page, on the Home page. Also the Course Details, Tutorials and Practicals are directly accessible via the depicted corresponding icons, if they have been made available by the course instructor.


January 9th 2018


MYLinks-2017-12 withoutMenu.png

November 17th 2017


At the bottom of this tab a link is available which contains an instruction how to connect your calendar with the Timetable. This instruction was previously available via the link Week & month views.

On top of the My Timetable page a link Week & month views to access the calendar view of the ‘classic’ Timetable has now been replaced with the link General timetables (Courses, Locations & Buildings).

October 10th 2017



September 19th 2017


The menu items Feedback and Help have been integrated into one new menu item Help. This item now consists of a page where it is possible to send support requests to the ICT Servicedesk, besides the existing option to send your Student Portal feedback.

For study related questions is a separate page containing the contact information of the SSC and every faculty.


Another change is that per this release in the Current Courses section of the My Courses page the links to Course Details, Tutorial and Practical have been made directly available, which saves you an extra click.

The reason for not also displaying the links in the sections Failed Courses and Completed Courses directly is that it would make the loading of the page quite slow.


July 20st 2017


The way students are informed in the Student Portal via messages has been made more user-friendly. The change consists of the function ‘Portal messages’.
Different types of messages can be published for a given period of time:
Alert messages (yellow background) and Information messages (blue background).


When you log in on the Student Portal new messages are shown by default in a pop-up screen.
You have the possibility of closing the messages pop-up screen. Once you have closed the messages pop-up screen you can reopen the pop-up by clicking the notifications icon at the top right corner of the screen and selecting the wanted message from the list.


A Welcome message will only be shown to you at your first logon session (ever). Once a Welcome message has been clicked away by you it is not available anymore.

July 8st 2017


The look and feel of the Course information pages (Course Details, Tutorials, Practicals) and the organisations in My Organisations have been updated to match closer to the design of the Student Portal.

Addendum Update May 16th 2017


We received some responses from students who were not very pleased with the new way to access Course Information. The reason for the change was that stricter security requirements did not allow the inframe presentation of the course information anymore. Given the circumstances we believe the current design, which was developed in close cooperation with the Student Project Team, is the best alternative.

Please keep sending us feedback, we really appreciate your opinion on the Student Portal!

June 13st 2017


The following items have been improved or added in the latest release of the Student Portal

• In every announcement on the Home page a link ‘Visit source’ to the related information has been added.

• In case an announcement on the Home page contains a "course link" and/or images the following message will be shown: "The content of this announcement might not be shown correctly. You can visit the source of this announcement for a complete presentation." will be shown together with a link to the related course/organisation.

• On the My Courses page in the pop-up behind the ‘Add/remove course’ button an option ‘Don’t know what course to choose?’ has been added which leads to the Course Finder on Intranet.coursefinder4-13jun.png

• On the My Webmail page instead of a maximum of 10 latest unread emails up to 99 latest unread emails can be listed.

• For a better user experience in the Portal the buttons will change colour upon clicking or hovering over them.

• Menu option My Settings has moved to the upper right of the window in the form of an engineering-button next to the logout button. On mobile devices this has not changed because here the Portal has a different design for user interaction.

May 16st 2017


The following items have been improved or added in the latest release of the Student Portal

• In My Courses and other locations where courses are presented you have the option to click on a course name to access Course Information (Course Details, Tutorial, Practical).

For instance at the Home page:


and at My Courses:


When you click on a Course Information link the requested information will be presented in the same window. Via the 'Back to overview' button in the upper left corner you can return to the previous page.


• In My Organisations a list of your organisations is presented with direct links to these organisations.whatsnew-16may-3.png

March 21st 2017


The following items have been improved or added in the latest release of the Student Portal




December 10th 2016


The following items have been improved or added in the latest release of the Student Portal

June 13th 2016

release for all students 

May 30th 2016

1.0 release for SBE and FHS students

May 30th we release the new Student Portal for the faculties of the School of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences. The other faculties will follow on June 13th.

March 2016

User feedback first release

We gather feedback during the first release for a small group and finetune the portal so we can release it to the entire student population.

February 2016

First 0.x release for small group beta testers

In this first release we will test the new UM student portal with a small group of students. The test phase is used to collect user feedback and find possible bugs. These will be used to prepare the 1.0 first release for all students. The kick-off meeting for the bèta test students will be held Tuesday 16 February. Bèta testers received an email with details. The bèta test will start in the week following the kick-off event.

March 2015

Third student panel meeting

In this student panel meeting we tested the new finetuning we did to the design of the student portal with a large group of students. We tested whether we were still on the right track and the choices we made were still in line with student needs. We also gathered new suggestions.

January 2015

Finetuning design

With the technical build also began a fundamental functional analysis of the design. The big lines and concept of the design was made in the form of a working prototype with real content, but not all interactions, clicks and screens were fully developed. The functional analysis required the further finetuning of the design to cover all interactions, content and screens.

January 2015

Start technical build

After the successful Proof of Concept phase we proceeded to build the first version of the new student portal.

November 2014

Second student panel meeting

The technical explorations in the Proof of Concept led us to make some new design choices for the  student portal. In the second student panel meeting we tested the new choices and directions we took based on the information from the Proof of Concept with a large group of students. 

August 2014

Proof of Concept (PoC)

After a period of public tender we selected Amplexor to do the technical build of the portal. We started with a Proof of Concept to test whether the functionalities, data handling and interface that was designed could actually be build within our technical IT infrastructure and other constraints.

November 2013

Adaptation of design

The design was adapted to incorporate the student input from the student panel and the members of the Student Project Team.

October 2013

First student panel meeting

The first green field design study was presented to a larger group of students and the concepts and thoughts were tested and discussed to further finetune the design. From this session we collected statistical data on the student opinions on the new design and suggestions for improvements.

September 2013

Green field design

Based on the student interviews and a study of the systems students currently use we made a first design that addressed the issues we found. A new visual en interaction design was proposed without taking constraints like time, money and technical obstacles into consideration: greenfield design. We immediately started with the development of a working prototype so we could experience the real interaction and content as soon as possible.

September 2013

Student interviews

We started the project by interviewing students from the newly formed Student Project Team. After that we decided that 2 members of the Student Project Team would be made project members and would attent design and development meetings to make sure the design stays in line with student needs. 

August 2013

Start project

Feedback from students about the quality of the information provision by the UM led to the start of the new student portal project. UM contracted Zuiderlicht for the design of the portal.