Do I need a special account to login into the Student Portal?

No, you can use your regular student UM account to login into the Student Portal. Prerequisite is that you are registered as a student (at least conditionally approved) at Maastricht University.

Can I suggest a link for the UM Launchpad?

For students: Use the “Feedback” button in the Student Portal to send us the link you wish to be added.

For UM staff faculties: contact your head of education.

For UM staff service centres: contact your information manager.

All suggestions for links to be added are welcome. We will gather all feedback and decide which links will be added in the next release of the Student Portal.

 I have a question about the Student Portal. How can I contact you?

If you have a question or the portal doesn't work, you can contact our primary contactpoint the ICTS Servicedesk. If you want to make a suggestion for an improvement you can use the built in feedback function.

I am using the Student Portal. Can I also use the other existing regular information systems? (For example: EleUM, MyUM for students, Webmail UM)

Yes. All other regular information systems are also available. In general we ask you to use the Student Portal as much as possible.

I can’t seem to find all the general faculty information that used to be accessible through my EleUM Faculty Students organisation.

This information is accessible in Student Portal through the My Organisations Link. Click on the link “MyOrganisations” in the left menu.

Can I use the new Student Portal on different devices and browsers?

The new UM student portal was designed to work on all conventional devices: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The Student Portal is best used on the most recent browser versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and recent versions of the operating systems Android, IOS, OS X and Windows. However some integrations in My Courses are not optimal yet and can best be used on PC or laptop. We are looking for ways to improve this.

Can I see my timetable activities in a week- or month view?

The MyTimetable functionality in the Student Portal shows hows you a day-to- day view of your UM timetable. For the week and month view you can open a separate application (classic Timetable application) within the portal (see link “week & month views” on top of the page MyTimetable). Here you can:

1. see your timetable in weekview
2. see your timetable in monthview
3. export your timetable.

Important notice: Deadlines for course assignments are shown in the Student Portal and EleUM but not in the “classic” Timetable application.

Why do I see assignment deadlines with “no date specified” in my overview of deadlines?

Courses and other assignments are added in the source system (EleUM) by teaching staff and education offices. In some cases, they did not add a specific deadline date to a particular assignment. Those assignments are shown in the Student Portal with “no date specified”. If you wonder if this is correct please contact your teaching staff or education office.

How can I register for new courses and exams?

In some cases the faculty automatically registers you for the courses (and exams) you are expected to take part in. Check the instructions and information from your faculty contacts & channels what you can expect from your faculty and is expected from you. Some faculties register you for the courses and exams you are expected to take part in. At other faculties you need to do this by yourself at the My Courses page. Check the information of your faculty to find out what the procedure is at your faculty.

Where can I register for a new programme or reregister for the next year of my current programme?

There is no standard procedure for all programmes. You need to contact your Desk of Education to get informed upon the procedure that applies for your situation.

What can I find at the UM Launchpad?

This page allows you to manage links to other systems, webpages and applications. Some of them make use of the single sign on login service system the portal uses, so you can access them without logging in. The UM Launchpad is basically a list of links offered to you by the UM. These links refer to other systems, webpages and applications. You can choose which links you want to see on the main page of your UM Launchpad by selecting them from in the list. The list is accessible by clicking on the button “Add/remove links”.

What to do with Courses without programme?

Sometimes a course is not properly linked to a programme. It will be listed at the My Courses page under the header 'Courses without programme'.

In this case you should ask the Desk of Education of the related faculty to link course and programme in the right way.courseswithoutprogramme2.png

Is the Student Portal the only way to access my study related information?

The Student Portal integrates all relevant study related information from several source systems into one environment. In case the Student Portal has technical difficulties you can access the information via each source system separately. Student Portal will provide you the relevant link(s) depending on the type of failure. These are the direct links to the source systems:

‘Classic’ MyUM (My Courses)

EleUM (Course Details & My Organisations)

‘Classic’ My Timetable (My Timetable)

Webmail (My Webmail)

Where can I find my GPA?

The GPA (Grade Point Average) can be found at the My Courses page after clicking on ‘Show Results’. Per programme your faculty decides to show or hide the GPA in the Portal. If you think your GPA is not correct of should be shown please contact your Desk of Education.

Why can’t I login in the Portal though my username and password should be correct?

Sometimes the cache of your browser interferes with the login at the Student Portal. Sometimes it can be solved by clearing the browser cache (by Control-Shift-Del) and then restart your browser (closing all windows/tabs). If this does not work please contact the ICTS Servicedesk.

When pinning the tab of the Student Portal in Safari, it is not possible to load the page after some time

Question: "When pinning the tab of the Student Portal in Safari, it is not possible to load the page after some time (a day). Tab needs to be unpinned, all tabs concerning the student portal needs to be closed and after revisiting the side it works again".

Answer: "This behaviour is not very user-friendly. But for a good reason: the limited period of validity of the cookie is imposed for security reasons. This leads to the described response."

These pages will be filled with your questions and our answers so feel free to send us your comments!

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